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Reborn! - February 11, 2009
dyingwillmod wrote in reborn_daily
General News & Announcements
New Layout at tsuna_kyoko

Challenge #53: Motion Reminder at khr_challenge

Fanfiction: One-shots
Ficlets by crystalline_pie [Bel/Fran]
More ficlets by crystalline_pie [Kyoko/Haru]
When Did This Storm Begin by talklikeazombie [TYL!Yamamoto/TYL!Gokudera, R]

Fanfiction: Multi-part
Faith(less) (1 of ??) by doomcake [Gokudera, Yamamoto/Gokudera]
(Have a Little) Faith (2 or ??) by doomcake [Gokudera, Yamamoto/Gokudera]
Windshear (Part 22 of ??) by evocates [Various pairings and characters, PG-13]

Dino & Hibari by foxarashi

Icons & Graphics
Request Wallpapers by kickinass_aya
Fan Trailer: KHR meets LOTR by shikamika
Valentine's Scan Wallpaper by edo_star

Discussions and Miscellaneous
Multi-Fandom Friending Meme (OT)
Looking for stories by LJ user ~coomasioblue
Call for action: Unfilled Tsuna requests at kink meme
Chapter 229 Spoilers SPOILERS
Looking for a fullsize image of a Gokudera icon
Questions about Chapter 228 SPOILERS
RP Advertisement: Ethena, Multifandom
Looking for a file of Mukuro's laugh
KHR Volume 23 ranked Third place

Any errors, mistakes, broken links, or something that we missed, etc, leave a comment and we'll get it fixed as quick as we can. Thanks!

If there are any communities not being updated about and/or watched that you feel should be, let us know here

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Crud. Hahaha. Brain farts are a-go it seems.

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