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REBORN - February 9, 2009
dyingwillmod wrote in reborn_daily
General News & Announcements
Notice regarding Naka's Doujinshi at hitman_reborn

Challenge #52: 'Danger' Banner at khr_challenge

Fanfiction: One-shots
Light & Laughter by charpieinuse [Tsuna/Kyoko, PG-13]
Greater Love Hath No Man by half_sleeping [Yamamotor/Gokudera, PG-13]
Lessons in Self Control by sensitivefish [TYL!Xanxus/Xanxus, Squalo, NC-17]
Without the Rain by superstition [Yamamoto/Gokudera]
I took the boo, I lit the page by na_no_nai [Yamamoto/Gokudera, R]
Flowers For My Honey by sadlygrove [Yamamoto/Gokudera, PG]
Costume by tsumetaitsubasa [Mukuro/Hibari, PG]
Untitled by akumugan [Kyoko-centric, Tsuna/Kyoko, G]
For the First Time by lifetocome [Gokudera/Haru, PG]
Sorry by griefer [Yamamoto/TYL!Yamamoto, R]
Those eyes by myojo_s_me [Squalo/Yamamoto, PG]
Play by myojo_s_me [Jill/Bel, PG-13]

Fanfiction: Multi-part
The Vongola Throne (14 of ??) by ofphenwa [Tsuna]
I Bought You, I Own You (1 of ??) by moonlightfight [Reborn/Lambo, R]

TYL!Hibari by kasugai_gummie
TYL!Hibari, TYL!Mukuro & TYL!Chrome by kasugai_gummie
Mini-Comics by luna_meow [Various characters, PG]
Squalo, colored by akumugan
Lambo by yumeko765
TYL!Hibari & Gokudera by shuui
Gokudera Sketches by na_no_nai
Various Sketches by blacklullaby [Tsuna, Basil, Dino, Yamamoto]

Icons & Graphics
Tsuna/Kyoko Fanmix by akumugan [Uh...wasn't sure what to put this under so here you go]

Discussions and Miscellaneous
Reborn fillers?
POLL: Reborn survey for a statistics class
Advice: What would TYL!Chrome wear?
Cosplay pictures
Selling Doujinshi
RP Advertisement: The Eros Commune
Cosplay Pics: Ohaycon 2009
Doujinshi for Sale
More doujinshi for sale

Any errors, mistakes, broken links, or something that we missed, etc, leave a comment and we'll get it fixed as quick as we can. Thanks!

If there are any communities not being updated about and/or watched that you feel should be, let us know here


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