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REBORN NEWS - February 7, 2009
dyingwillmod wrote in reborn_daily
General News & Announcements
Chapter 228 Up at hitman_reborn OneManga Link
Volume 23 Extras at hitman_reborn
New Anthology Project Discussion at khr_projects
Volume 23 Cover & Inner Cover at hitman_reborn

Fanfiction: One-shots
Biding Time with the Crows and Sparrows by izkariote [Byakuran/Shouichi, G]
Be sweet, Be false by izkariote [Gamma/Uni, G]
3120 Seconds in a Lovers’ Head by rise_kujikawa [Ryohei/Hibari, PG]
Of Whiplash Dreaming by [Bad username: 2291"] [Yamamoto-centric, R]
Thorns by griefer [Dino/Yamamoto, PG-13]

Hibari & Mukuro by tsuminoaru
Lambo by berryrockz
Fem!Squalo by akira_js66
Chrome Dokuro by snapdraw_gone

Icons & Graphics
Hibari Wallpaper by rose_whip39
14 Icons by tsukiokuhime (MFP)
44 Icons by dazzley (MFP)
6 Icons by katsumeragi (MFP)

Discussions and Miscellaneous
Various Reborn! merchandise for sale
Looking for Reborn/Tsuna fic recommendations
Multi-Fandom Crack RP Advertisement: Salkia Island
Reborn & Mukuro plushes for sale
Doujinshi Scanlation: Runerama, Tsuna/Mukuro
Another 'Where are you from?' Poll
Character CD: Reborn & Ipin, Lambo
Looking for a particular chapter in the manga
Reborn-centric RP Advertisement: GLAMafia

Any errors, mistakes, broken links, or something that we missed, etc, leave a comment and we'll get it fixed as quick as we can. Thanks!

If there are any communities not being updated about and/or watched that you feel should be, let us know here


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