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REBORN - February 5, 2009
dyingwillmod wrote in reborn_daily
General News & Announcements
228 Raw & Summary at hitman_reborn

Fanfiction: One-shots
Sakura Blossoms Ony Once by ku4iki_rukia [Mukuro/Tsuna, Hibari/Mukuro, G]
Untitled by silverharmony [Gokudera/Tsuna]
Untitled by silverharmony [Gokudera/Yamamoto]
Imagery by rungaily [Dino/Hibari, NC-17]
~Somehow~ by rinoa_lalmirch [Colonello/Lal, PG]
Boycott Love by makemegray [Dino/Hibari, NC-17]
The Natural Conclusion by peroxidepest17 [Various Vongola, PG-13]

Fanfiction: Multi-part
Bridging the Gap (3 of ?) by anya_urameshi [Reborn/Lambo]

Model Haru Doll by rainaria
Vongola Family as Medival Heroes by kedriaa

Icons & Graphics
48 Icons by amber_km (MFP)
TYL!Bel Wallpaper by crazyevilwombat
8 Icons by nurikokoishii
84 Icons by kat8cha

Discussions and Miscellaneous
Chapter 228 Spoiler Pic
Densha Otoko, a Mukuro/Tsuna Douhinshi
Merchandise for Sale
Help with TYL!Lambo Cosplay
Multi-Fandom Crack RP Advertisement: Last Stop Gakuen
Looking for Lal Mirch & Colonello Pics

Any errors, mistakes, broken links, or something that we missed, etc, leave a comment and we'll get it fixed as quick as we can. Thanks!

If there are any communities not being updated about and/or watched that you feel should be, let us know here


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