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REBORN NEWS - February 4, 2009
dyingwillmod wrote in reborn_daily
Biweekly Challenge winner at ciassu_vitello
Challenge #52 Reminder at khr_challenge

Fanfiction: One-shots
In the Moment by iluxia [Yamamoto/Gokudera, PG-13]
No More Rain by lifetocome [Yamamoto/Gokudera, PG]
10 Drabbles by uwahblood [Dino/Hibari, G to NC-17]

Fanfiction: Multi-part
To Become Your Light (2 of ??) by lunaryu [Yamamoto/Tsuna, T]
Windshear (21 of ??) by evocates [Yamamoto/Hibari, a million others, PG-13]

Dino & Hibari for Dino's Birthday by kuroneko13
Yamamoto & Gokudera by b_e_f_f (GB)
Dino & Hibari again for Dino's Birthday by nikurumi

Icons & Graphics
8 icons by eamene (MFP)

Discussions and Miscellaneous
Rainy Eyed Monster Doujinshi Yamamoto/Squalo [RAW]
Looking for full image of an Hibari icon
Subbed Episode Downloads 102-117
RP Advertisement for 'Absolute Threshold' Multi-Fandom RPG
Secret Bullet Novel scans - Treasure Hunter Dino & Last Flight [RAW]
Cosplayer needs help: Bel vs. TYL!Bel
Scanlated Tsuna/Gokudera Doujinshi

*NOTE: GB = Gender Bending, MFP = Multi-Fandom Post

Any errors, mistakes, broken links, or something that we missed, etc, leave a comment and we'll get it fixed as quick as we can. Thanks!

If there are any communities not being updated about and/or watched that you feel should be, let us know here


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