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REBORN NEWS - February 3, 2009
dyingwillmod wrote in reborn_daily
Fanfiction: One-shots
Insomnia by kat8cha [Byakuran/Shouichi, R]
A Little Death by kat8cha [Byakuran/Shouichi, NC-17] (GB)
Gamma Squared by kat8cha [Byakuran/Gamma, R]
Everything Right by caelestin [Dino/Fuuta, PG]
Sturm und Drang - Symphony No. 45 by dicks [Yamamoto/Gokudera, slight Goku/Lambo NC-17]
Falling Up by sadlygrove [Yamamoto/Gokudera, PG-13]
Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood by sadlygrove [Squalo/Yamamoto, PG-13]

Fanfiction: Multi-part
Carry That Weight (2 of 5) by artillie [Yamamoto/Gokudera, PG-13] (GB)

Yamamoto/Gokudera & Squalo by susumus
Dino/Fuuta & other various characters by dtn
Hibari & Gokudera by violinistbaka

Icons & Graphics
06 Icons by kuleiya (MFP)
28 Icons by choy_sop
23 Icons by kaoru24
63 Icons by kld_kms

Discussions and Miscellaneous
ReboRaji Namimori Dong Dong #28
ReboRaji Namimori Dong Dong #29
Selling Handmade Reborn Jewelry
New Reborn Trading Shitajiki set scans!
Cosplay: Mukuro & Byakuran
DVD Rankings

*NOTE: GB = Gender Bending, MFP = Multi-Fandom Post

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